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EU anti-dumping on Chinese companies a big stick

Time:2015-02-02  Read:8914

It is understood that the anti-dumping case of the prosecution is very powerful force, led by the two French companies Norinco and SaintGobain, jointly launched by other companies. Norinco which covers the world's largest manufacturer, SaintGobain is one of the world's top 500, the two companies covers basically monopolized the French market. In recent years, Norinco and SaintGobain regular distribution through the acquisition of other EU countries and other ways sought to control the entire EU market. Therefore, the industry generally believe that their proposed anti-dumping purpose is to remove a competitor from China.

According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2003, covers 73,251,090 under the Customs Code, grates, gardening casting products exports to the EU of more than 100 million US dollars, in 2004 it is over 200 million US dollars, is growing rapidly. It can be said that the EU is a big market China covers casting enterprises. Therefore, industry experts believe that, although in the past some foreign countries have on China's anti-dumping casting products, but because of the anti-dumping case involving the country 20 provinces (including municipalities) of more than 200 export enterprises, the market covers the EU-25 Member States, to combat a wide range, great impact. In addition to five zero tax rates and corporate tax rates, respectively, the rest of the vast majority of companies simply can not afford 47.8 percent anti-dumping tax rate, the EU market doors for them basically means completely shut. And many of these enterprises are small, single species, the only outlet covers, then the road in front of them or only conversion failed. A boss Xiangxiang, Hunan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 丁春 root on the local media said, according to final results, the company will go bankrupt, their own decades of effort will be in vain.

In this regard, industry experts remind the business again, we should vigorously develop high-end value-added products, and the development of diversified markets, in order to avoid risks, to seek survival and development.

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