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Zhiyuan A6 signing Shenzhen well-known communications equipment manufacturers

Time:2015-04-28  Read:9824

Recently, the Shenzhen-known communications equipment manufacturers - Shenzhen City Public Heng World Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Shenzhen Public Heng Bank's company) signed a software company Zhiyuan A6 collaborative management software, to achieve their "green jobs, increase collaboration efficiency "management objectives.

Shenzhen City Public Heng World Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 in Shenzhen, is a professional communications connectivity products research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Professional manufacturing, operations, research and development of wireless communication network radio frequency coaxial connector, the mobile terminal components and Antenna Accessories and other products, such as mobile base station Antenna connector, indoor coverage of high-frequency and low-frequency connectors and other types of electronic connectors. Products have passed the rigorous testing Ministry of Information Industry Supervision and communications product testing center, has been selling domestic major operators and communications equipment manufacturers.

In recent years, thanks to the rise of China and the Chinese Internet industry, the rapid growth of the communications industry, Shenzhen Public Heng Bank - the company's development have gone up, the company's revenue in recent years high growth, the company's organizational team is also growing rapidly, in order to meet fast-growing companies business demand, the company continued with on-line financial systems, supply chain systems, ERP systems. Because of its high-level understanding of information technology and management needs of landing, company executives decided Zhiyuan A6 collaboration, hope Zhiyuan cooperative office management software systems by means of further improve the company's information technology, enhance the company's management level and efficiency.

Zhiyuan software is the largest collaborative management software vendors, for five consecutive years ranked domestic collaboration software market share first. Zhiyuan A6 Zhiyuan software is the first domestic launch of a standardized, mature product collaborative management software, there are currently more than 200 million people use every day Zhiyuan software for collaborative work to improve efficiency and achieve green jobs.

With Zhiyuan A6 enthusiasm and meticulous service, Shenzhen Public Heng Bank's company is bound to be better communication connectivity products to win the communications equipment market, as for the development of China's telecommunications industry to make greater contributions to their own.

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