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2 to 12Gearbox

2 to 12Gearbox
Description:2 to 12Gearbox

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2 to 12 Gearbox Specification


258x185x52  mm

Maximum   Travel Distance

100   mm

Life   of Each Screw

≥3000   Cycles

Maximum   Supported Bands

12  Bands

Operating   Temperature Range

-40   ~ +70 ℃

Electric   Adjustment Screw Self-Locking


Electric   Adjustment Screw Type

Double   starts

Electric   Adjustment Screw Lead Distance

4   mm

Maximum   Output Thrust of Tilt Screw

40   N

Travel   Distance of Screw/Rotation (of Tilt Adjust Motor)

3.25   mm

Total   Rotations of Gear Switching Screw


Travel   Distance of Screw/Rotation (of Gear Switch Motor)

4   mm

Maximum   Backlash of Tilt Screw Return Trip

1   mm

Maximum   Operating Torque

3.5   kgf*cm

Net   Weight


RoHS   Compliant


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