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Cable and component intermodulation testing equipment

Cable and component intermodulation testing equipment

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Cable assembly and intermodulation testing equipment is a comprehensive type of performance measurement for the main products in the production process of the antenna test system, test the main index: level values of parameters such as passive intermodulation components and cables. The system consists of passive intermodulation analyzer, network analyzer, computer (built-in software for testing various products, GPIB cards, etc.), resistors and so on.


Specifically designed for intermodulation testing of cables and components

? automatically determine whether the cable or component design is reasonable or if the production is faulty

- friendly interface taking into account the actual measurement of base station antenna manufacturers, through the use of computer control network analyzer based on virtual instrument control interface, get rid of the traditional test equipment of key operation mode, the operation is simple

After testing, the test reports can be generated automatically, and the Excel test report forms are provided, which can effectively maintain the test data and the test waveform at the time of testing, and facilitate the diagnosis and analysis of the later problems.

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