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Quality Policy


Quality First is the principle of public hearing Heng Bank has always pursued.

We focus on customer satisfaction through continuous R & D investment, production process optimization and improvement, deliver the best products and solutions. Public hearing Tsuneyo passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and in strict accordance with the system of import demand to manage customer, product design, product realization, all aspects of process monitoring and internal auditing to ensure customer satisfaction with the delivery of the product.

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R & D in-process quality assurance

In order to ensure the performance parameters of the product standards, production technology and science, the product is stable and reliable, the public hearing Heng Bank set up a professional test center, equipped with a sound test equipment and testing personnel.

Professional equipment: FISCHER plating thickness tester, video measuring instrument, network analyzer, third-order intermodulation analyzer, salt spray test machine, constant temperature and humidity boxes, precision cable assembly tester.

Communications antenna system for RF coaxial connectors and cable assembly features, developed a dedicated plug power tester, life tester, waterproof tester, pneumatic tooling phase tester and other testing equipment.



Production process quality assurance

Through the incoming, production, testing and delivery of all aspects of strict monitoring to ensure providing customers with the highest quality products.

Incoming: Implement according to MIL-STD-105E standard sampling of incoming complete the appearance, size, performance and environmental testing to ensure the quality of incoming.

Production: Configure high-frequency welding machines, automatic CD-ray machines, automatic wire strippers, terminal crimping machines, electric punch, drilling and milling machines and other automated equipment to ensure the quality and efficiency of processing. Configuring a special quality inspection, full inspection and sampling staff to ensure product quality in line with the development process and the design specifications.

Detection: Configure the network analyzer, pressure tester, precision cable tester, third-order intermodulation tester, waterproof tester, and other equipment to ensure the electrical properties of the product; configured plug power tester, life tester, pneumatic phase tester and other equipment to ensure that the mechanical properties of the product.

Shipping: Depending on the mode of transport, distance and the customer special requirements, customized special packaging technology, the arrival of the product to ensure stable performance.


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