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President's Message!
MotownHipHop and RnB Tour hosts Bishop College Alumni / PQC Alumni mixer and fundraiser kickoff at Ten/Eleven Grill 9/25

1. This fundraiser is to further assists PQC with the building of the Trammel S. Crow Living and  Learning Center and campus improvement projects.

2. “Be 1 Bring 1” ~ Coach Moten

Modified theme for this fundraiser " Be 1, Bring 1, Build 1"

3. State Goal of event -  Bishop College / PQC Alumni mixer and fundraiser kickoff to raise One Million dollars to assists PQC with the building of the Trammel S. Crow Living & Learning Center by Homecoming 2014 and initiate a stronger bond between the BC Alumni and former students and PQC Alumni and PQC and it's Alumni. 

4. Importance of being involved -  It's been 40 years since a new building has been built on this campus. Many people in this community have benefited from the great legacy of both BC and would like to give back. We would also like a portion of this new facility dedicated to the legacy of Bishop College and it's Alumni and former students 

From The Dallas Morning News, August 16, 1988

BISHOP COLLEGE CLOSES; “RESURRECTION” SOUGHT  "Fewer than two dozen faculty, students and longtime supporters of Bishop attended the hearing...

“It’s a sad day. I was hoping something positive would come out of it. It’s time for me to move on, go to another school,’ said Wayne E. Croomes, a senior and president of the Ministers Lyceum at Bishop.

Dallas Mayor Annette Strauss also mourned the loss of Bishop.

“I think there is a real need for Bishop College in the Dallas area,’ she said. “I hope it can be reorganized at a later time. It’s a good school. It serves a good purpose.’"

5. Bring up Alumni from BC and PQC - We will have speakers from both BC and PQC speak that evening on the importance of this event and involvement.

6. Bobby Moten – Has pledged BC Alumni chapter will attend and help in fundraising efforts.

7. Kelsel -  Is speaking to PQC Alumni. Also PQC Alumni mixer maybe incorporated into this event and will provide adult beverages for the event.

8. Dwayne(Ten Eleven Grill) - MotownHipHop Tour LLC has workout with TEN ELEVEN GRILL to provide light hor devours, staff and setups for event  and we have agreed to use a playlist and live entertainment for the evening. 

We are asking for 10 host from each Alumni chapter to commit to bring 10 people each. 

Candace Wicks and I have gotten commitments from several donors who have pledged support of and will attend the mixer/Kickoff. 

Please pick 10 hosts and ask them to commit to bringing 10 people.

I have social media blast ready to be scheduled and a flyer is forthcoming, for the groups input and approval. Kelsel I know you were working on something as well if you have something please let me know asap.

Kelsel - Were you able to get those video clips for me?

Dennis - Would you mind convening the conference call with and invite all cc'd here

Thank you all for your time and consideration in this matter!

Derick Hopkins
G2G Entertainment - Artist Management/Consulting Services


Beginning of the Alumni Association

The general Alumni Association of Bishop College is dated back to May 19, 1913 in the Bishop College Catalog (192-13). An annual meeting and an alumni banquet was held during the closing week of school commencement.

The Bishop College Yearbook "THE BEAR" was published in 1926, states the The Alumni Association of Bishop College was organized about the year 1891. W. F. Bledsoe served as the organization's first president and Christine Benton Cash served as secretary. During the 93-year history of the Alumni Association, there have been sixteen presidents of record. Among them are Phineas Gray, Reverend E. M. Griggs, Sam Jones, Professor M. E. Butler, Thomas Downs, Dr. O. W. Phillips, Reverend Earl Harrison, Sr., T. C. Calhoun, A. S. Hawkins, Dr. C. O. Searcy, Dr. William Shaw, Reverend S. M. Wright, Freddie Gaines, Dr. William C. Young and Estelle Adams.

Officers listed in 1926 were Professor T. J. Downs, President ( Marshall, Texas); Reverend E. J. Campbell, Vice President ( Marshall, Texas); Ms. Marjorie Humble, Secretary ( Cameron, Texas); and O. W. Phillips, Treasurer ( Marshall, Texas).

These were the notes found and recorded regarding the beginning of the Alumni Association. In 1988 Bishop College closed it's doors, in 1991 under the leadership of Bobby E. Moten, Sr. as President and Rebecca Harrison as Vice-President, the Alumni Association sprang back to life.

The account in 1925-1926 record stated that "the purpose of this association is to develop and nurture the loyalty of former students, and to further the interests of the College in every way." In 2007 this statement still applies as the present alumni's purpose.




Bobby E. Moten, Sr

Jesse Williams
Vice President

Frances Ross-McNeal - Treasurer

Karen Young

Cecil Moten
Asst. Secretary

Lessie Yates

Board Members

Maynard Yates

Jonnie Lydia

Teddie Lewis

Rebecca Harrison

Frankie Ross

Lorrine D Ollie

Stephanie Randle


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