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Bishop College Alumni Association Reunion November 4-6, 2016.
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President's Message!

Dear Bishopites/Friends,

What an interesting year this has been thus far.  As you are aware, election time is almost here.  I encourage you all to get out and vote and recruit other registered and unregistered voters to exercise their voting rights!

The Alumni Association is still going strong.  It is evident in the success of previous events that our efforts have been constant and goal achieved.  We couldn't do it with the support of each and every one of you!

As a reminder, we still need your contributions to our scholarship fund.  The Bishop College Alumni Association established a scholarship fund in honor of Mr. J. D. Hurd.  Recently the association elected to rename the scholarship to the J. D. Hurd/Richard A. Rollins Scholarship.  The scholarships' purpose is for supplemental assistance to students who are directly related to Bishop College/Paul Quinn Alumnus.  Generous donations of $500+ will be publicly acknowledged at our reunion through promotional announcements in our program, tax deductible status, all reunion access, and will be a great benefit to a student in need.  Please know that all donations regardless of the amount matters and are greatly needed!

Thank you for your past support and in advance for your future contributions!

With sincere thanks,

Bobby E. Moten, Sr.
President - Bishop College Alumni Association

Beginning of the Alumni Association

The general Alumni Association of Bishop College is dated back to May 19, 1913 in the Bishop College Catalog (192-13). An annual meeting and an alumni banquet was held during the closing week of school commencement.

The Bishop College Yearbook "THE BEAR" was published in 1926, states the The Alumni Association of Bishop College was organized about the year 1891. W. F. Bledsoe served as the organization's first president and Christine Benton Cash served as secretary. During the 93-year history of the Alumni Association, there have been sixteen presidents of record. Among them are Phineas Gray, Reverend E. M. Griggs, Sam Jones, Professor M. E. Butler, Thomas Downs, Dr. O. W. Phillips, Reverend Earl Harrison, Sr., T. C. Calhoun, A. S. Hawkins, Dr. C. O. Searcy, Dr. William Shaw, Reverend S. M. Wright, Freddie Gaines, Dr. William C. Young and Estelle Adams.

Officers listed in 1926 were Professor T. J. Downs, President ( Marshall, Texas); Reverend E. J. Campbell, Vice President ( Marshall, Texas); Ms. Marjorie Humble, Secretary ( Cameron, Texas); and O. W. Phillips, Treasurer ( Marshall, Texas).

These were the notes found and recorded regarding the beginning of the Alumni Association. In 1988 Bishop College closed it's doors, in 1991 under the leadership of Bobby E. Moten, Sr. as President and Rebecca Harrison as Vice-President, the Alumni Association sprang back to life.

The account in 1925-1926 record stated that "the purpose of this association is to develop and nurture the loyalty of former students, and to further the interests of the College in every way." In 2007 this statement still applies as the present alumni's purpose.



Bobby E. Moten, Sr

Jesse Williams
Vice President

Frances Ross-McNeal - Treasurer

Karen Young

Cecil Moten
Asst. Secretary

Lessie Yates

Board Members

Maynard Yates

Jonnie Lydia

Teddie Lewis

Rebecca Harrison

Frankie Ross

Lorrine D Ollie

Stephanie Randle


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